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Need an ATM? Desperate for coffee? Looking for a comfortable place to kick back and study? All this and more can be found at the Campus Center.

Clark, Klingenstein, and McDonald lounges offer perfect places to relax between classes, and three ATMs are located in the lobby area. The Emerson Suites serve as one of the most adaptable and popular events venues on campus, hosting year-round activities such as student performances, trade shows (from Educational Technology Day to job and internship fairs), late-night social events, and conferences.

Downstairs, you'll find a post office, Mac's convenience store, and the recreation center, which comes complete with a big-screen television, air hockey, Ping-Pong, foosball, and pool tables. The campus bookstore provides students with course texts, as well as a wide selection of Ithaca shirts, sweats, and other merchandise.

The student-run information desk provides guidance on almost anything about Ithaca College and the Ithaca area.

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IC Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Circle to Host ZAP Panel

The Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Circle will be hosting a ZAP Panel at their weekly Wednesday noon session on October 18th. All faculty, staff, and...

10/18 12pm

Dr. Roald Hoffmann, emeritus professor of Chemistry at Cornell University and Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (1981), will speak on October 23 at 7:30 pm in...

10/23 7:30pm
Let the Hoes Speak: Cardi B & CupcakKe, Rethinking Intersectionality Through Ratchetness

IC's Assistant Professors Nicole Horsley and Ashley Hall invite you to take part in this interactive presentation to consider ratchetness as a site of...

10/25 6pm
IC After Dark's Fright Night

IC After Dark hosts a night full of Halloween activities. Come join us in IC Square for mummy wrapping contest, donut on a string contest, and a costume...

10/28 8pm
 Phi Kappa Phi Fall Awards & Induction Ceremony

-Four Presidential Scholar awards are given out to honor outstanding student academic achievement -Induction of faculty and professional staff into the...

11/10 4pm

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Diana Mejia

Diana Mejia left a positive review 9/4/2017

This event was great! The energy was nice and a lot of people were genuinely happy to talk about their booths and give explanations about why they do what they do. The activities were fun, it was informative, and the raffles added an extra touch of suspense and excitement.

Barbie Bargher

Barbie Bargher left a positive review 9/2/2017

What a GREAT event and lots of fun!

Diana Romero

Diana Romero left a positive review 8/29/2017

I got to meet incredible students and the stuff was super nice! I'm excited for the school year!!

Martha Van de Wall

Martha Van de Wall left a positive review 2/22/2017

I had no knowledge of pronoun association so it was informative. Some of it seemed elementary as to allowing the student to decide when to divulge the information, but at the same time, it is frequently what you think are the obvious basics that end up being a sticking point when you have to apply the information. It also gives pause to someone who feels they should jump right in to as the right thing to do, when basically it's an individual's personal choice. It's good to know perspective from those in the know. I don't know that it's something I would need to repeat several times, but it was definitely well presented.

Karen Serbonich

Karen Serbonich left a positive review 2/22/2017

I found it relevant because we just implemented with our package tracking vendor and DIIS and other parties to ensure that the chosen name (which our campus lists as the preferred name) would show in our searches and print on the labels. I found that having a static screen of information with someone just talking to you through speakers tiring. My least preferred way to learn. I find that it will be awkward to have introductions like suggested. My name is -- and I use the pronouns ----, something to work on and be mindful of.

Stu Fegely

Stu Fegely left a positive review 9/24/2015


Stu Fegely

Stu Fegely left a positive review 2/2/2017

The documentary was eye-opening, infuriating, exhausting, and very necessary. Every American should watch see this. I hope they can show it on campus again so that more people can see it. Good group discussion afterwards too.

Kathy Farley

Kathy Farley left a positive review 1/26/2017

I thought it was very interesting and I learned a lot for the students and the professors. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Jacque Washington

Jacque Washington left a review 1/4/2017

I went with a colleague; one other person showed up. We waited for about 20 minutes and left. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to engaging with others in this regard. I was told it is not usually like that.

John Elmore

John Elmore left a review 12/7/2016

I find that the best discussion workshops are smaller in size, so there is less pressure and more time for explanations. The topic was understandable, but it left me wondering what to do next. It didn't answer the question that everyone has, "How do I become a better Ally?"