Anti-Racist Workspace for White-Identifying Students: Open Discussion

We are creating space for white-identifying students who want to be in community to learn, challenge one another, and hold each other accountable to shift from “I'm not a racist” to truly understanding what it means to be anti-racist in thought and practice. Whether you are just beginning your journey to become anti-racist or are well-practiced and disciplined at interrupting the script of white supremacy, you are welcome and encouraged to participate.

This workspace will be an open discussion about race and racism.

Please consider registering for upcoming workspaces that will all focus on different topics/themes within anti-racist work as a white-identifying student. You must register on Engage for each individual event in order to receive the zoom links/and any associated materials/resources.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests for accommodations, please email

Friday, September 25 at 11:00am to 12:00pm


Individuals who would like to request accessibility accommodations should contact We ask that requests be made as soon as possible to ensure they can be met.