Friday, September 25

Anti-Racist Workspace for White-Identifying Students: Open Discussion

We are creating space for white-identifying students who want to be in community to learn, challenge one another, and hold each other accountable to shift...

Fall 2020 Office Hours for Web Support

The IC Web Team will be holding remote open support hours every other Friday during the semester. Bring your questions about Drupal, Web Profile Manager...

Virtual Event
Leading @ IC: Student Organization Roundtable

This unstructured workshop will provide student organizations an opportunity to share ideas, brainstorm and ask questions about this upcoming year....

Explore the Outdoors Scavenger Hunt

The Explore the Outdoors Scavenger Hunt will encourage you to take your IC Water Bottle from you Fall Welcome Box and go on a hike or walk in your...

Fridays at 4

The English Dept has two new regular events that it hopes to advertise to the campus more broadly. First, we will have half-hour literary readings (a short...

Virtual Event
Breakout Room Bash with Upper Quads

Come to Breakout Room Bash with Upper Quads! At this event, you will be able to meet your fellow Upper Quads residents in breakout rooms on Zoom. The RAs...

Make a Virtual Pet - Webkinz

We will be having a make a pet event for people who don't have pets at home (people who do have pets at home are welcome to come too!). We will be having a...


Friday, September 25