Wednesday, September 14

Inspire a Shared Vision: Be a Fish Philosopher! (Leading Others)

The FISH! Philosophy is a fun and meaningful way of working that is inspired by the work culture at Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market. Come to this session...

What are Racial Microaggressions? (Leading in a Diverse World)

IDEAS Peer Educators (IPEs) will be introducing and defining what a “microaggression” is, what it can look like, and examples of bias to introduce students...

Vision Board Night!

Come down to the T1 First Floor lounge to make some vision boards, and enjoy music and mocktails! We have all the supply you might need for the boards, but...

Quidditch Practice

Quidditch practices are held twice every week on Emerson field. Join any time, no experience or ability required.

IOC Rock Wall Hours!

Each Wednesday at 7-9pm we have climbing hours just for our club at the Fitness Center rock wall. Gear is provided and all experience levels are welcome!

IC Overbooked Meetings

Bi-Weekly Meetings, everyone welcome. We'll be discussing books we're reading currently. It's mainly just a social event!

Wednesday, September 14