Bread and Butter Series: Identity Uncovered

In the final Bread and Butter program, be led by Cassie Logedo, the PACE Vice President of Promotions and Engagement. This workshop is intended to dive deep into the lesser known or acknowledged topic of diversity and inclusion: intersectionality. Having a conversation about intersectional identities will allow students to understand how their identities influence their experience in the working world. In the context of the workplace, intersectionality plays a key role in how you are hired, your opportunities for career advancement, and the ways in which you experience your work and peers. Students should be aware of how to combat prejudices and systemic factors that act against them as well as understand how they contribute to such things. In this workshop, students will evaluate their identities, how it makes them think as well as how they play a role in workplace relations and limitations.

Monday, October 26 at 5:30pm to 6:30pm


Individuals who would like to request accessibility accommodations should contact We ask that requests be made as soon as possible to ensure they can be met.