Explore Creative Technologies: Canva, Rush, & Soundtrap

Creative technology proficiency is a must in today’s job market. There are plenty of user-friendly applications that allow your creativity to shine without technical background skills. In this miniseries, you’ll learn how to create captivating digital media that will help you not only in your academic field but also in your job search and success. Step into the world of graphic design, video production, and podcasting with this 2-night workshop, including a debrief with Creative Tech professionals and IC Career Services. April 20th and 22nd 4-5pm. Preregistration is requested (via Engage). Workshop is hosted over Zoom with limited in person space and hardware available to reserve at the CCT’s Digital Story Lab (Job 102). Descriptions of each day's content follow:

Tuesday, April 20th:


Learn how to stand out in a visually stimulating world with the free, robust, and user-friendly tools of Canva. A captivating visual graphic is the main ingredient in a recipe for a successful social media post. No matter what field you go into, you’ll need to sell something with visuals alone, whether that is your own skills in a standout resume or a social media profile to start your first small business.  


The Adobe Creative Cloud is a robust suite of media production tools used widely across all industries. Adobe Rush is the newest and most simplified video editor that offers users a simplified interface with just the basic tools needed to make something look professional. Rush allows you to focus more on the storytelling than learning the complex tools of professional grade editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Workshops and staff support are available to continue expanding your editing knowledge with Premiere Pro but Rush is a great entry into the world of visual storytelling.

Thursday, April 22nd:


Audio has the power to transport you to a different time, place, and emotion. But you don’t need the most expensive recording equipment and expertise to craft an engaging storytelling experience. With Sountrap, you’ll learn how to use the web-based studio to create a podcast or make music, by yourself or with others. The collaborative program streamlines the production process so that you can focus on the content creation.  


Enjoy an engaging conversation around new technologies, social media, and career exploration with Ithaca College collaborators and students.

Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Individuals who would like to request accessibility accommodations should contact exploratory@ithaca.edu . We ask that requests be made as soon as possible to ensure they can be met.