IC Audio Engineering Society Guest Speakers Series: Basia

Barbara (Basia) Chelchowski is a recent grad of the Ithaca College SRT program, having recived her degree in 2018. Basia works in the feild of TV production in NYC and also does some freelance work as a live sound engineer. She has worked in the music department for the production of the short film Too Far In as well as for the soundtrack of the video game Portal Stories: Mel.

It will be nice for our club to meet someone who was once in our shoes but is now out in the real world of this industry. It will be very helpful to hear about how she made connections, starting at Ithaca College, and made it to where she is now.

Thursday, May 5 at 12:10pm to 1:00pm

JJWCM 2105 Iger Lecture Hall

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